If you are new to Verto then the best way to get the multi-currency wallet is to visit verto.volentix.io.

2. 24 unique words will be shared with you. Save your 24-word seed phrase somewhere safe.

Apart from being a multi-currency wallet allowing peer to peer transactions, and the native wallet of VTX, Verto also bridges Blockchains to communicate with each other like EOS and Ethereum.
Verto offers its users the opportunity to access DeFi protocols offered on Ethereum and Eos.

VERTO, an innovative wallet that supports peer-to-peer digital asset transactions while eliminating the risks of using a centralized exchange.
VERTO helps you manage thousands of tokens including VTX, the native utility token issued for use in the VOLENTIX ecosystem to operate and manage its various functionalities like staking, voting, and submitting public proposals.
VERTO owners maintain control of their private keys on their local device so that custody of assets is not ceded to third parties. VERTO, therefore, seeks to eliminate the hacking and error-based risks associated with trusting a third-party intermediary.

The Volentix Dev team has included the BTC chain on the vDex node. By doing so we are keeping the network running in a decentralized fashion so that anybody at any time can be able to process transactions on the vDex.
This way the community plays its role in decentralization and receives subsidies by from a cryptocurrency that is used as a fee mechanism for the exchanges.
Transaction fees collected are used to buy VTX from the open market.

455M VTX

Volentixtrez is the account name and contract address for the VTX public treasury on eos which will distribute 455M VTX to proposals approved by voting.

Staker's vote on proposals submitted by community members that are meant to add infrastructure, or grow the community.

Proposals may include, Staking, Social incentives, creating or changing incentives for Node services such as running oracles or providing historical data or other services as they become required.

The proposal mechanism is meant to give the community a competitive advantage, allowing anyone to submit a proposal by paying a small fee. Stakers can vote a…

What’s inside the vDex Node?

What is a Volentix Oracle:

An oracle script constantly feeding an EOS contract with the Ethereum VTX balance, account name, timestamp, and block info.

Which chains do the vDex nodes work with?

This version of the node works with these 3 blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS)

What is a Volentix Node?

The Volentix Node AKA vDex Node, is a docker network using a .yml file for configuration.

How does voting work?

How does the distribution…

Latest updates

✅ Test net 8 nodes
✅ Create account
✅ Registering / Unregistering


Coming up with a user-friendly interface that looks clean and the community will want to use is no easy job.
Endless hours of coding, designing, and testing to get things right.
Here’s what to expect in Verto 0.9.3

✅ Stake VTX and check balances of staked VTX
✅ Any to any exchange (convert any coin to VTX or to 300+ other coins without signing up to any exchange)
✅ Easy access to DeFi from Verto.
✅ Available liquidity pools to participate in and earn.

We want to thank you all for your input and patience. Verto 0.9.3 coming sooner than you expect.


Here’s what we have planned and is coming out very soon.

✅ Staking from Verto, accept #VTX
✅ Exchange any coin to VTX
✅ Access DeFi applications from Verto
✅ VTX / ETH bridge

🗣 BUY NOW : https://newdex.io/trade/volentixgsys-vtx-eos

🌎 https://t.me/Volentix
🌎 https://twitter.com/volentix

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Read Volentix’s Chief Architect input on Defi….👇


Volentix is envisioned to be a community-powered decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

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