How to create a new Verto multi-currency wallet?

If you are new to Verto then the best way to get the multi-currency wallet is to visit

  1. You will be prompted to create a Verto password

2. 24 unique words will be shared with you. Save your 24-word seed phrase somewhere safe.

3. You will then be asked to rearrange your seed phrase in the correct order to proceed in setting up Verto

The 24-word seed phrase is becoming the industry standard for multi-chain wallets. This simple concept ensures that you can recover all of your keys by using the same words in the same order. So save those words precisely and guard them as you would your most precious belonging. Verto is available as a web application for desktop and mobile. Each Verto is unique and creates a brand new set of keys for multiple blockchains. If you import keys into Verto, remember to backup and store your backup file securely along with your 24-word Mnemonic phrase. (we will share another article about importing keys in Verto)



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