VTX Public Distribution.

2 min readOct 22, 2020

455M VTX

Volentixtrez is the account name and contract address for the VTX public treasury on eos which will distribute 455M VTX to proposals approved by voting.

Staker's vote on proposals submitted by community members that are meant to add infrastructure, or grow the community.

Proposals may include, Staking, Social incentives, creating or changing incentives for Node services such as running oracles or providing historical data or other services as they become required.

The proposal mechanism is meant to give the community a competitive advantage, allowing anyone to submit a proposal by paying a small fee. Stakers can vote a proposal up or down in rank. Proposals that receive sufficient congruent votes are funded by the contract.

The proposal mechanism will be available until 455M VTX is distributed. The community may decide to find a way to keep funding this pool

364M VTX

Volentixsale is the account name and contract address for the Public Distribution of 364M VTX as respectively listed below:

Over 200 Million VTX were distributed in eos Blockchains.

The remaining VTX will provide liquidity pools on other blockchains.

From 364,000,000 VTX a total amount of 253,846,956 VTX is currently in circulation.

128,153,044 are allocated to provide liquidity on the Ethereum and XDAI chains

800M VTX

Vdexmainpool is the account name and contract address for the public distribution of the 800 Million VTX allocated for Node Subsidies

This 800M is for VTX Transactions Supporting the VDex network’s infrastructure and the transactions.

The infrastructure of vDex is comprised of the participants to the network, the individuals, and various exchanges staking VTX participate in the decentralization process.

This system will function initially as in EOSIO’s proof of stake mechanism. Any individual can contribute and earn through this network by committing part of their computer’s resources and by staking an important amount of VTX that is substantial enough so that they cannot compromise the network at the risk of losing their stake. An elected 21 participants will share 70% of the profits made from all transactions in a given round. Others will still receive a subsidy to ensure that a pool of participants is always available for the network to function. Subsequently, the network will also be able to adhere to the Loopring protocol and its reward mechanism as vDex evolves toward better and ultimate means of decentralization.




Volentix is envisioned to be a community-powered decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).