What To Expect in Verto 0.9.3 …

Coming up with a user-friendly interface that looks clean and the community will want to use is no easy job.
Endless hours of coding, designing, and testing to get things right.
Here’s what to expect in Verto 0.9.3

✅ Stake VTX and check balances of staked VTX
✅ Any to any exchange (convert any coin to VTX or to 300+ other coins without signing up to any exchange)
✅ Easy access to DeFi from Verto.
✅ Available liquidity pools to participate in and earn.

We want to thank you all for your input and patience. Verto 0.9.3 coming sooner than you expect.




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Volentix is envisioned to be a community-powered decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).